Jeff Seid cable delt raise

What Happened to Jeff Seid?

Jeff Seid is a master of aesthetic bodybuilding. Jeff Seid took off on the internet around 2011. An important 12th birthday brought Seid a weight set and a copy of the Weightlifting for Dummies. Since then, his life has never remained the same. At 18, living in his native Washington state, he was crowned the youngest IFBB pro champ in history. He is 21years old now and living in Los Angeles. He has a strong grip on his goals and will not let go of it. Currently, he is flexing all of the might of that powerhouse body with the intent of mastering his future.

Regarding muscle mass gains and personal success, Jeff Seid lives an accelerated life. His predictable rise to fame started with playing sports at the age of five. High school saw him grow into an All-American wrestler, a State football player and set numerous records in the monitor.

The star sportsman acknowledged early that strength was obviously a huge advantage. He strikes the weights hard all through senior high school, and his naturally competitive soul did the rest. With interest set in Division one college ball, he tore his ACL senior year. Some months later, the loss of dreams and scholarships cut the young athlete unlike anything before, leaving him inconsolable frustrated and depressed.

Jeff stumbled on the Men’s Physique section of bodybuilding website while he was on the hospital bed waiting for his first knee surgery. At that point, hope replaced despair. He discovered his true calling in what seemed like his darkest hour. After six years of training already, he was prepared to go into a new life. Some websites have researched and documented his training routines and diet if you are interested in building a similar physique. (See this post for the workout/diet overview:

One month later, Seid would stand tall, the proud winner of the overall title at the Washington Physique Competition. One year later, he became the youngest IFBB professional ever. This set him up to compete for the prestigious Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique. Ever since 2012, Seid has gained ten titles, claiming first place in half.

Seeing Arnold play Conan the Barbarian was an inspiring and formative experience for Jeff. This is because he was heavily into weightlifting. More importantly, Jeff grew up as a self-acclaimed fantasy geek. His favorite film is Lord of the Rings, and He’d play World of Warcraft, and Run escape for several hours, developing effective characters to suit his vision. Jeff always wanted to become that fantastical hero onscreen, the strong man who preserved the day and received love for good deeds. Y.ou can learn more about and support Jeff at his official website