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Review Websites

There are many websites online today which offer reviews for different products or services and some of these websites review the different types of pull up bars which are available today. On these sites there will be wall-mounted bars compared with doorway pull up bars or free standing pull up bars, perhaps even all three compared against each other. However, as most of these different types of bar are as effective as the other, it is their convenience which is often being compared or perhaps just their price.

Because pull ups are a convenient exercise, one which can be done at home, it is very popular as are sit ups which can also be done at home. Perhaps what many people may not realize though is, often only these two exercises are ever needed and so they have no need to join a gym with its monthly charges for using their facilities. The gyms do of course have to make charges as they will often have expensive fitness machines for those that wish to use them but many of those machines when used, will only target one specific muscle group whereas pull ups and sit ups, which do not necessarily need special, expensive machines and yet target multiple muscle groups.

Known as a compound exercise, pull ups target several muscle groups in the upper body and sit ups, also known as a compound exercise, targets multiple muscle groups in the lower body. When both these exercises are carried out on a regular basis they alone can offer excellent health benefits and help to keep the body in shape. They are in fact so beneficial that most fitness specialists will include them in all of their recommended exercise routines. Sit ups of course can be done with no equipment at all although most people will find something available to make them easier whilst pull ups can be done with the assistance of any static bar.

Because little equipment is necessary to do these exercises, many people opt to do them in their homes and so that is why now, some pull up bars have been specifically designed for use in the home and it are those pull up bars which feature on some of the review websites. The doorway pull up bars, as their name implies are installed above a doorway making them easy to use and very inconspicuous. The wall-mounted pull up bars may be a little more conspicuous but work just as well and are neatly to one side so as not to take up too much room when not in use. The free standing bars are both conspicuous and do perhaps take up more room but if a house has the space, they are perhaps the most convenient to use and they too are just as effective as the other two.

Due to these pull up bars all being effective and having their own features it is often a matter of personal preference which decides people which to buy.